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Our Story

Waxiwraps was first established in 2017 to provide a solution for the growing need to reduce single-use plastic in the kitchen and, at the same time, help to reduce food waste.  

We wanted to create easy-to-use, sustainable products which would be convenient for a modern family home. Besides that, we wanted to showcase the natural and plentiful resources of the Great Southern Region of Western Australia.  And so Waxiwraps set out to create fabric food wraps which would use the best ingredients available anywhere in Australia. 

Our Waxiwraps are still made using the same ingredients today. Beautiful, ethically sourced 100% cotton fabrics are infused with a blend made up of the purest beeswax, natural oils and gum.  Thanks in part to the relative isolation of the bee populations in our region, West Australian hives are naturally disease-free which means they require no antibiotics or chemicals to maintain their health.  This of course means our beeswax is entirely chemical-free, making it ideal for kitchen-grade food wraps.  

Whilst the Waxiwraps product range has expanded over the years, our mantra of using only the very best ingredients in a tried-and-tested blend has remained unchanged.  So has our determination to help each and every household to reduce their use of single-use plastics.

Be part of the environmental solution and start using Waxiwraps.

Simple. Safe. Sustainable.

Winner of the ACCI Great Southern Business Awards (Best Home Business) 2019 & 2020