Waxiwraps grew out of founder Mary Jane’s desire to use the natural and local resources available to her in the stunning coastal hub of Albany, WA. While working toward raw and wholefood innovation for a health-oriented café in Albany, Mary Jane discovered an unused resource in the pure beeswax produced by local beekeepers.

While collecting raw honey from a local beekeeper Mary Jane saw the beautiful, golden wax at the farm and thought: ‘I just have to make something with that wax!’

Beginning with experiments in her kitchen at home, Mary Jane embarked on her journey toward creating a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic kitchen waste. The Waxiwraps range launched at Albany’s Boatshed markets in August 2016, and what Mary Jane thought would be a side-venture became a full-time job within six months.

Waxiwraps are produced using 100% cotton infused with a locally sourced beeswax and natural oils and gum blend. Western Australian beeswax is entirely chemical free, thanks to the relative isolation of WA’s bee populations. This means they are naturally disease free and require no antibiotics or chemicals to maintain a healthy hive. This makes the perfect pure beeswax ideal for kitchen-grade food wraps.

Waxiwraps have a lifespan of over 12 months and the entire range of Waxiwraps are compostable. At the end of their useful life, you can cut your wraps into manageable strips for composting or to be used as ground cover in your garden, they are even safe to burn.

Available in a number of sizes, Waxiwraps are ideal for all kinds of food storage. The self-adhesive and flexible qualities means you can cover a jar or bowl with an airtight seal. They are perfect for keeping your sandwiches fresh and are great for storing cheese. Some little-known uses for Waxiwraps also include keeping champagne and wine fresh and making a sweet and simple fruit basket or vase for your table.

Waxiwraps are proudly Australian made and owned. We have certification from the Australian Made Campaign and remain dedicated to continuing to support Australian businesses.

Waxiwraps has experienced incredible growth, and has become increasingly popular. While Waxiwraps are available in markets and stores all over WA, and are now being sent internationally, Mary Jane says she is still dreaming bigger:

“Our dream is to see Waxiwraps on supermarket shelves. Our little saying here is ‘Looking after the Earth, one household at a time’ and we truly believe every household will benefit from using Waxiwraps”.

You can find Waxiwraps at select markets and stores around WA, and you can buy them right here online.