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Waxiwraps is committed to producing a superior product for you.  To us, that means we are using the best, most natural and healthiest of ingredients.  It is essential that our wraps are simple-to-use and effective at keeping your food fresher for longer and, to do that, they must seal effectively every time, with our Best in Class WaxiSealTM.  Moreover, Waxiwraps ingredients are FDA approved to protect your food properly.

Ethically sourced 100% cotton fabrics, have been specially selected in a variety of modern, vibrant, beautiful and often seasonal designs. They are then infused with the purest beeswax blend intended to create a smooth finish which is soft and easy to handle.

Our beeswax is sourced exclusively from West Australian hives which have one of the healthiest native honey bee populations in the world. West Australia’s strict quarantine laws mean our bees are unaffected by pests and diseases that affect other hives outside of WA, leaving our beeswax untainted by antibiotic or pesticide residue.

Our protected recipe blend also contains Dammar Resin, a natural tree resin harvested under tight environmental guidelines, which gives our wraps the flex they need to cover foods and to self-seal effectively. Dammar Resin is a safer and superior alternative to Pine Resin used in some other wraps.

Organic Jojoba and Coconut Oils are added to our special blend to give our wraps their softness and suppleness.

Waxiwraps prides itself in creating the best finish of all wraps available on the market. The perfect amount of wax coating and a super smooth quality finish, all thanks to our hand-crafting and quality control processes. Then, finally, our products are packaged up safely and securely, ready to be sent off to their new homes.

Waxiwraps have a lifespan of at least 12 months, usually much longer, so you will have lots of use from them. At the end of their useful life, you can even cut them up into manageable strips for the compost bin or scrunch them up to be used as firelighters. The gift that keeps on giving!

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