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Australian beeswax wraps are a simple, stylish way to keep your favourite foods fresh. But there are other options on the market, so how do you choose? Here’s what sets Waxiwraps apart from the pack:

Western Australian beeswax

Sourced from native bee hives on Western Australia’s stunning South Coast, WA beeswax is the purest available. That’s because our honey bee populations are among the healthiest in the world. 

Western Australia’s strict ecological quarantine standards mean that our native bees are unaffected by common pests and diseases. Our pristine bee populations mean that our beeswax is 100% free of antibiotic and pesticide residue.

Hypoallergenic resin

Waxiwraps’ innovative recipe contains a high quality natural tree gum called Dammar resin. FDA approved for food storage, it gives Waxiwraps their best-in-class seal and flexibility. 

Many beeswax wrap producers rely on pine resin, but Dammar resin gives Waxiwraps their strength with flexibility and without cracking.

Another thing we love about Dammar resin is that reactions are virtually non-existent. Pine resin, on the other hand, has been associated with allergies and skin irritation. Dammar resin makes our wraps safer — even for families with sensitivities.

Organic oils

Thanks to certified organic raw virgin coconut and jojoba oils, our oils are naturally free of additives and preservatives. Not only that, they make Waxiwraps extremely flexible and mouldable. 

Your beeswax wraps will cover firmly (and stay wrapped!) every time. 

Rigorous quality control

Curating our exciting range of vibrant 100% cotton fabrics is one of the most enjoyable parts of our business. Our dedicated workshop operates under strict safety and hygiene standards to ensure that all our wraps are handcrafted with care and precision before being packaged ready for delivery to customers.  It is important to us that Waxiwraps reach customers ready-to-use, hygienically packaged and FDA approved. 

Thanks to our meticulous manufacturing processes, every Waxiwrap is spot-on. A super smooth, flexible finish with just the right level of stick make Waxiwraps a simple, reliable choice.

Long lasting and life-giving

Waxiwraps are exceptionally durable. 

If you follow our simple care tips, your beeswax wraps will last at least 12 months. And when Waxiwraps reach the end of their useful life, they’re fully compostable. If you’re in a cooler climate, spent wraps make safe, natural firelighters.

Sizing Chart with baguette
Waxiwraps sizing chart