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How to use beeswax wraps, starting today!

Want to stop using plastic film but not sure where to start? Waxiwraps reusable beeswax wraps are a great starting point so why not try? It’s not just because they help to eliminate single-use plastics, but because they are also incredibly easy to use and are pretty darn good at keeping food fresh!  

If you’ve thought about it, but haven’t quite made the move away from plastic, let us give you a few tips on how you can use your beeswax wraps over the holidays:

  • Keep everyone happy and in high spirits!  Use folded wraps or waxibags for snacks – popcorn, dried fruit, nuts, apple slices for example – that you can munch on in the car, or whilst out walking.  Easy to put into your pocket and unseal/reseal throughout the day.
  • Keep bought herbs for longer by loosely folding them in a wrap and popping them into the fridge.  They will keep fresh for longer and all you need to do is drop them into your meals for a healthy taste sensation.   You can even put them in the freezer and simply pick out as much as you need, to spin them out even longer. 
  • Wrap lemons, avocados and even apple halves to save for later.  An easy tip but a good and handy one!
  • Bring your large-sized vegetables home, then prepare and chop them up, dropping them into large Waxibags for the fridge.  It makes preparing dinner quick and easy as you simply use what you need each time. 
  • Everyone loves to wrap blocks of cheese in Waxiwraps – it simply stays fresh for longer – but did you know that you can grate your cheese and freeze it to save time later?  It’s a very nifty trick for camping holidays too….makes some dinners easier.  
  • Travel light when travelling or camping by using Waxiwraps to protect your sandwiches and/or snacks for the first day – and then reusing them throughout the rest of your trip for covering any leftovers.  This can significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste you need to carry around with you in Australia’s National Parks.
  • Next time you are heading out on the boat, or camping, or even a day’s hiking or cycling, use them to wrap your food before putting them into the Esky or into your pocket/day pack.  No mess, no fuss, no plastic, no waste.  When you have finished with them, simply fold them flat again and store them ready for the next time. 
  • Cover water jugs, carafes or juice bottles – which don’t usually have lids – with a small or medium sized wrap whilst dining outdoors to prevent any unwanted bugs from falling in.  Wraps will provide a watertight seal, so simply fold back to expose the lip when pouring, and then reseal.
  • Stay ahead of the last-minute entertaining rush by preparing food platters and salad bowls well in advance of your guests arriving.  Prepare your dishes as you want to present them, and then cover them with a large or even grande sized wrap, creating a seal around the dish, and they will stay fresh all day.
  • Have a small wrap to hand for popping over an unfinished bottle of bubbly (strange as that may sound!) or fizzy soda.  The seal of the wrap on the bottle will keep it fizzy! 

BUT it’s not always about your food either….

  • Are you using bars of soap and shampoo? Simply wrap up a bar before dropping it into your wash bag.  It saves space and weight, and prevents everything else from getting wet and messy. 
  • Gift a bunch of flowers wrapped up with a large wax wrap – it looks pretty, reduces plastic waste, and adds a little extra thought to the present itself. 
  • Taking the dogs for a walk? Always take doggie treats just in case you need them – the dogs will stay close and it’s a nice reward for them – and Waxibags are perfect for preventing crumbs in your pockets!
  • Do you ever find it difficult to open the lid of a jar and a dishcloth simply slips?  Believe it or not, using a beeswax wrap is a great little trick for this! Simply wrap it around the lid and the beeswax helps to provide some extra grip.

Finally, don’t forget that you can reduce a lot of waste and single-use plastic by simply making minute changes in lots of areas.  Don’t feel that you have to achieve everything in order to make a difference. Just keep taking small steps! 

Try out one or two of these tips over the holidays and see how you get on. Just make a start – and we’ll have you ditching the plastic wrap in no time! 

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