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When I look back at the amount of plastic wrap that we’ve used in our home over the years, it’s frightening.  Every day, wrapping individual items to put into the kids’ school lunchboxes, covering leftovers in the fridge, preparing and covering dishes early, taking salads and desserts round to friends’ houses for a dinner party.  For YEARS.  Yikes.  All of that is still sitting in a landfill heap right now, unable to break down. 

Now think of that multiplied by the number of households around the world, all using convenient plastic wrap.  Sitting in a landfill is one tragedy, but in marine environments, plastic wrap contributes to a larger plastic pollution crisis that affects our seabirds, turtles and marine mammals. 

Until recently I worked in the busy corporate world where sustainable beeswax wraps were probably the furthest thing from my mind.  But after moving to the countryside in rural Australia, I started to look for some simple, convenient and reliable solutions that could help with phasing out single-use plastics. I understand the importance of being good role models for our kids too.  And I also recognise that most of our everyday habits in the kitchen are exactly that….habits.  Habits that can, and should, be changed for the good of future generations and the world we live in. 

My journey has led me to Waxiwraps, a beautiful and easy-to-use product that can drastically reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill.  They can also reduce food waste, another major issue that looms on the horizon.  So why wouldn’t you try using them?  Join us in shaping a more future-friendly home.

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