One Jumbo Waxiwraps measuring 40 x 40cm. Perfect to cover your largest salad bowls, wrapping a loaf of crusty bread, a bunch of rhubarb or celery, a head of broccoli, cauliflower or lettuce. The Jumbo can also be wrapped over a cheese platter. 

The natural, eco-friendly, washable, multi-purpose, self-adhesive alternative to plastic wrap; Waxiwraps™ are made in Albany, WA from local beeswax, natural oils and tree gum, blended and infused into 100% organic cotton fabric.

Waxiwraps™ are great for wrapping cheese, sandwiches, snacks, & vegetables, covering salad bowls & recycled jars. Wherever you would use plastic wrap, you can use a Waxiwrap. They contain no plastics, are completely biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly; multi-purpose and washable in cold water. Use over and over again for at least twelve months.

Instructions: Place Waxiwrap over/around item and shape using the warmth from your hands to mould to shape and provide a seal.

The uses for Waxiwraps™ in the kitchen are limitless; try:

* Wrapping an opened block of cheese
* Covering a fresh salad in a bowl
* Wrapping a sandwich for school or work lunches
* Shaping over unused veggie pieces
* Moulding over the top of a jar (great for gifts in jam jars or used coffee jars)
* Folding around a snack such as a homemade meusli slice, carrot and cheese sticks, or cheese and crackers

Note: Do not use Waxiwraps™ for meat wrapping or hot food dishes.

To clean simply wipe with damp cloth or wash in cold water with a dash of detergent; hang to dry in shade or place on dish rack.

Watch clip “how to care for your Waxiwraps” here: https://www.facebook.com/waxiwraps/videos/597133927298429/

Watch clip “how to use Waxiwraps” here: https://waxiwraps.com.au/tips/

Waxiwraps™ help you integrate sustainable waste solutions in your home, reducing unnecessary landfill.

“Looking after the earth, one household at a time”


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