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One large square Waxiwraps 30 x 30cm. Great for your block of cheese, a sandwich or lunch wrap, or wrapping around a bunch of asparagus, broccolini,  pumpkin, or even over a salad bowl. 

The large square Waxiwrap clings around your block of cheese, sandwich or bunch of vegetables, keeping them fresh. Cheese won’t sweat, dry out, or become mouldy and will be beautifully moist and tasty from start to finish. Sandwiches will stay fresh all day and your wrap can simply be folded and brought home, wiped down and used again. Vegetables stay crispy and fresh when wrapped in a Waxiwrap and refrigerated, lasting approximately 2 times longer than other storage methods.

The natural, eco-friendly, washable, multi-purpose, self-adhesive alternative to plastic wrap; Waxiwraps™ are made in Albany, WA from local beeswax, natural oils and tree gum, blended and infused into 100% organic cotton fabric.

Waxiwraps are completely biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly; multi-purpose and washable in cold water. Use over and over again for at least twelve months.

Instructions: Place Waxiwrap over/around item and shape using the warmth from your hands to mould to shape and provide a seal.

The uses for Waxiwraps™ in the kitchen are limitless; try:

* Wrapping an opened block of cheese
* Covering a fresh salad in a bowl
* Wrapping a sandwich for school or work lunches
* Shaping over unused veggie pieces
* Moulding over the top of a jar (great for gifts in jam jars or used coffee jars)
* Folding around a snack such as a homemade meusli slice, carrot and cheese sticks, or cheese and crackers

Note: Do not use Waxiwraps™ for meat wrapping or hot food dishes.

To clean simply wipe with damp cloth or wash in cold water with a dash of detergent; hang to dry in shade or place on dish rack.

Watch clip “how to care for your Waxiwraps” here:

Watch clip “how to use Waxiwraps” here:

Waxiwraps™ help you integrate sustainable waste solutions in your home, reducing unnecessary landfill.

“Looking after the planet, one household at a time”


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