Waxiwraps medium twin-pack




This pack contains TWO medium squares 20 x 20cm; great for wrapping small cheeses and snacks and for placing over a medium sized bowl, wrapping a bunch of herbs or holding a bunch of grapes or berries.

The image here contains variations of our current range, which is updated frequently.

Wherever you would use plastic wrap, you can use a Waxiwrap.

Instructions: Place Waxiwrap over/around item and shape using the warmth from your hands to mould to shape and provide a seal (Note: watch the video clips on our facebook page for ideas and inspiration, plus a “how to clean” visual!)

Note: Do not use Waxiwraps™ for meat wrapping or hot food dishes.

To clean simply wipe with damp cloth or wash in cold water with a dash of detergent; hang to dry in shade or place on dish rack.



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