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Refresher Sunflower Blend Bar

Keep your Waxiwraps fresh with our Sunflower Blend Bar.  Even though Waxiwraps will usually last for at least a year (and have been known to last much longer), you may wish to freshen them up with new wax.  Simply grate some fresh blend bar over the wrap, and warm them up in the oven.

Includes: 1 Blend Bar weighing 65grams delivered in a small fabric pouch, together with instructions for use.

Refresher Sunflower Blend Bar


*Waxiwraps takes great care in using beautiful fabric colours and designs that complement each other. We will always endeavour to select the best combination of wraps from the ranges shown.


Care & Use

WRAP your food. After use, WASH using cold water, leave to dry then simply fold and store. Look after your wraps and you will be able to REUSE them for at least a year.   At the end of their life, you can either recondition them with one of our Refresher Bars, or pop them into the compost.