The Waxibag™ is our original design and holds your lunch; whether it’s a sandwich, a wrap, cheese and crackers, fruit, nuts, banana bread. Waxibags   keep herbs fresh, hold a bunch of grapes, or, as we did this summer, fresh picked beans and snow peas from the home kitchen garden.

Our medium Waxibag is 20 x 20cm square, and LARGE at 28 x 30cm (please email re: ordering the large size), you’ll love the versatility of the Waxibag. The medium is perfect to hold a sandwich snug, cheese and crackers, nuts or grapes, while the large will hold two rounds of sandwiches, a lettuce, half a butternut pumpkin, cauli or broccoli, or any veggies you like. We use the Waxibag in the fridge for capsicum, half items like zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, leek.

Your Waxibags are so easy to clean (simply rinse and turn upside down to dry; or if a thorough clean is required, add a dash of dishwashing detergent to cold water in the kitchen sink, and wash, rinse, then turn upside down to dry – so simple!).

It’s our joy to bring you a creative range of food wrapping products to help you reduce your use of single use plastic.

Waxiwraps….looking after the earth, one household at a time.

(Note: Do not use your Waxibag™ for hot food items)