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Tips - How to use and care for your Waxiwraps


Alternative to single-use cling-wrap

Waxiwraps are great for wrapping cheese, sandwiches, snacks, & vegetables, covering salad bowls & recycled jars. Wherever you would use cling wrap, you can use a Waxiwrap. There is NO flavour transfer of the blend onto any food.

Long Lasting 

Waxiwraps last approx. 12 months – and they can be refreshed from time to time to help them last longer by placing them on a baking-paper lined flat baking tin and popping into the oven set to 100, for about 3 minutes to re-melt the wax blend into the cotton. Take out of oven (do not touch yet!) and cool down on the tray, lift off the baking paper then use as normal.

Easy Cleaning Tips

To clean, simply wipe with damp cloth. Approximately once a month, gently wash your Waxiwraps in cold water using a dash of detergent. Half fill your kitchen sink with cold water, pop a splash of dishwashing detergent into the water, and immerse Waxiwraps, wipe clean with a cloth. Rinse under cold tap and hang in the shade to dry, or pop onto your dish rack to dry.

Keeps your food fresh, for longer!

Place Waxiwrap over/around item and shape using the warmth from your hands to mould to shape and provide a seal. The uses for Waxiwraps in the kitchen are limitless; try:

  • Wrapping an opened block of cheese
  • Covering a fresh salad in a bowl
  • Wrapping a sandwich for school or work lunches
  • Shaping over veggie pieces before refrigeration
  • Moulding over the top of a jar (great for gifts in jam jars or used coffee jars)
  • Pop over an opened bottle of wine or champagne. The champagne bubbles will stay fresh for approx. 4 days and the wine will stay fresh for up to a week.
  • Folding around a snack such as a homemade muesli slice, carrot and cheese sticks, or cheese and crackers
  • Wrapping pastry or pasta to rest before cooking
  • Use the jumbo to wrap a whole loaf of crusty bread, large vegetables such as celery, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.


Just a reminder though – please don’t use Waxiwraps for meat wrapping or hot food dishes.

Sizing Chart with baguette
Waxiwraps sizing chart